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Is Your Skin Really "Sensitive"?

There is no statement more frequently heard , other than "sorry, I didn't shave my legs", in a spa than "my skin is so sensitive". It certainly makes one wonder, are more people being born with sensitive skin, or are more people just thinking they are sensitive because their skin often reacts to different things? It has been my experience, that the latter has proven to be true. Many people believe that because they react to certain skin care products specifically, that they have sensitive skin. This is not the case.

Let me break it down: Sensitive skin is a skin "type". This means it is the type of skin that you were born with. Having a sensitivity to something does not automatically mean that you have a true sensitive skin type. Unfortunately these days, there are so many chemicals in skin care, hair care, cleaning and makeup products, that our skin is bound to react to something at some point. Allergies are at an all time high (we believe) mostly due to the use of so many synthetic ingredients that our skin does not recognize, and in turn, it rejects them. This is on of the many reasons at Flourish, we use products free of any harmful chemicals.

You can also have a "reactive" skin condition. With this condition, your skin reacts to different stimuli, usually becoming pink even from just applying your skin care products. In this case, you skin may not necessarily be reacting to the skin care itself, but the touch you are using to apply. With reactive skin, the change in colour should go away fairly quickly and you should not see any residual effects of the stimulus.

Many people avoid having a professional treatment, assuming that their skin will react negatively to the treatment and they will leave beet red and irritated. Although these issues can arise if the aesthetician does extractions incorrectly, uses too intense an exfoliant or lengthly steam on someone with a sensitive skin or sensitized condition, an experienced aesthetician should know these things should be avoided. In fact, these treatments are the opposite of what would be effective in treating these conditions. Anyone with a more sensitive skin or condition, should definitely use less steam, less heat and less chemicals. Less is more!!

No matter your skin type or conditions, after a professional treatment, your skin should always feel nourished, hydrated and calm. Please do not resign to the thought that there is nothing you can do for a true sensitive skin or condition. There are varying degrees of sensitivity and an experienced aesthetician, should be able to discern how far they can go with exfoliation and other stimulating treatments. A great Skin Therapist will guide you in the right direction, helping you figure out why your skin is reacting and find the best solution for your unique skin!

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